Are you in the process of planning your wedding? Have you decided to have it at your home, to avoid any potential issues? Weddings at home seem to be a popular option this year, so we are with you all the way. Since most couples are choosing non-traditional weddings at home, we thought we should focus on rustic weddings. If you are considering having a rustic wedding at your home, we have a few ideas to make it wonderful!

8 Ideas to Make a Rustic Wedding at Home

1 Paint Stick Basket or Wooden Crate Floral Arrangements

Every table needs a floral arrangement, but you don’t want glass vases for a rustic wedding. We recommend taking a paint stick basket or a wooden crate and filling it with flowers. To keep things simple, you can place the flowers right in the basket. However, if you want these flowers to last a little longer, you can place small vases inside the basket or crate. Then arrange the flowers in the vases. 

2 Burlap Favor Bags

Burlap favor bags are an excellent rustic touch at weddings. There are so many different items you can place in the burlap bags. Our favorites include candy, chocolate, and a votive candle. 

3 Ladder Lighting

If you are having your wedding later in the day, you can place ladder lighting up near where you will say your vows. Take a short wooden ladder and place glass mason jars on the rungs. Candles can be added to the jars to add more lighting to the ceremony. Wrap vines or simple flowers around the sides and rungs to create depth and extra visual appeal.  

Rustic Wedding

4 Message in a Bottle

We have all heard about placing a message in a bottle and throwing it out into the ocean. Well, this message in a bottle is a little different. Place a wine bottle near the entrance for your wedding. Your guests can write a message to you and place it in the bottle. 

5 Create a Birch Arch

You need a focal point to say your vows, so why not create a birch arch to stand under? 

6 Line the Aisle with Tree Stumps and Lanterns

You can’t get more rustic than tree stumps, so line them up along the aisle you will be walking along. Add a lantern on top to add romantic lighting for the ceremony and the rest of the night. 

Line the Aisle

7 Create a Rustic Wedding Sign

You can create multiple rustic signs for your wedding at home. You can have one pointing to the entrance for the ceremony, another pointing to the reception area and yet one more pointing to the bar. There is no limit on signage, so go crazy with the rustic details. 

8 Use Long Wooden Tables

Most wedding receptions are filled with round tables, but for a rustic wedding, we recommend using long wooden tables. These tables give the area a rustic look, especially if you skip the linens on top. 

These are eight ideas that will help you make a rustic wedding at home. So, don’t think a rustic wedding can’t be part of your dream wedding day. Use these ideas, and any others you find, to create the rustic look you have always wanted on your special day. 


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