Are you in the midst of planning for your wedding? Are you realizing that everything you want costs a lot of money? Is your budget currently heading out the window and you are not seeing an end in your spending? Hey, it happens to every couple! Thankfully, there are so many ways you can save some cash and keep your budget in check, while having a gorgeous wedding at the same time! 

One of the best things to save money on is your floral decorations. You may want roses and all the other luxury flowers, especially for your bouquet. However, you can have beautiful floral arrangements using different flowers that won’t break the bank. 

6 Cheap Flower Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding

1 Go with Single Stem Blooms

Instead of choosing one massive floral arrangement for each table at your reception, we recommend choosing single stem blooms. You can place a single stem flower in a small jar filled with water. Simply group three or four of those per table and see how they become the most talked about item at your wedding. 

2 Choose Seasonal Flowers or Those Always in Stock

Lilies are a spring flower that can be expensive to purchase even at that time of the year. And if you want those flowers for a fall or winter wedding, you are going to be paying premium prices. We recommend choosing seasonal flowers for your wedding day or at least those types of flowers that are available all year long. Carnations, mums, and tulips are the flowers that stand out the most to us at lower price tags. If you simply must have your roses, order them in bulk and arrange them yourself. 

Seasonal Flowers

3 Add Fruit

Adding fruit to your flower decorations can save you quite a bit of money, especially if you choose seasonal fruits. Grab some olive branches, a couple of flower stems, and ripe fruit like peaches to create an arrangement you won’t find at many other weddings. The best part is you, or your guests, can eat this fruit when your wedding reception is over. 

4 Splurge on One Floral Arrangement

If flowers aren’t your thing, or you simply do not have a huge flower budget for your wedding, we recommend splurging on one floral arrangement. An arrangement made from grapevines, pampas grasses, and wildflowers will make a statement that doesn’t scream budget wedding. 

floral arrangement

5 Place Flowers in Sand Filled Vases

Sand isn’t that expensive, and it creates quite the look on wedding reception tables. While you can use real flowers for this flower decoration, silk flowers will work just as well. To add even more elegance, you may even want to place tea lights or votive candles in sand filled vases around these floral arrangements. 

6 Potted Plants

There is no rule that you must have flowers on every table at your wedding reception. You can easily choose a potted plant or two for your centerpieces. You can cover cheap looking pots with paper bags, nicely decorated, or even a piece of mesh in your wedding colors. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding cheap flower decoration ideas for your wedding. These are the six we use the most often, but there are so many others you may think are so much better for your upcoming wedding.


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