Wedding cake toppers are perhaps the most important part of any wedding ceremony, as they’re often the first thing guests see when the cake comes out at the reception. The two figures on top of the cake represent not only the bride and groom, but also their union and marriage. So it’s important to choose something that’s both tasteful and memorable to you both. Our team has done just that with this list of our 7 best-selling wedding cake toppers, which will help ensure your big day stands out in everyone’s memory.

Wedding Cake Topper Sets

The perfect cake topper speaks for itself. If you’re looking for a unique and memorable way to display your wedding date, these will give you just that! The bride and groom can hold hands while taking their first steps as newlyweds or dance together on top of your delicious wedding cake. For couples who want something simple but chic, perhaps a pair of intertwined hearts will add some romance to your big day. Whatever design strikes your fancy, it’s sure to add something special to an already magical moment in time.

Couple Wedding Cake Toppers

couple wedding cake topper

Couples’ wedding cake toppers are a popular choice as they can provide a personal touch to your wedding cake. Common examples of such cake toppers include bride and groom figurines, miniature busts or statues of you and your partner dressed in clothes from your favorite movie or TV show, sporting event jerseys, or cocktail dresses. Couples choose cake toppers for their individuality and romance. Remember: Your wedding day is all about you and your spouse; there’s no better way of showing that than by decorating with cake topper figurines that feature both of you.

Love Bird Wedding Cake Toppers

Love birds wedding cake topper

These love bird wedding cake toppers are an iconic symbol of not only passion but also perseverance. Love birds are often used to depict a new couple who have yet to face many trials and tribulations together. Typically, one is made of glass or porcelain while another is wooden or metal. The effect is quite elegant when placed atop a white wedding cake with an ivory-colored fondant base. When contrasted against pink icing, for example, you can’t help but notice how impressive these toppers really are! It’s no wonder why so many couples purchase them as keepsakes after their big day comes and goes!

Photography Inspired Wedding Cake Toppers

Photography wedding cake topper

Photography cake toppers are becoming more and more popular these days. Instead of opting for a traditional figurine, couples are using 2D or 3D wedding cake toppers that resemble photographs of themselves. The result is sweet and romantic, not to mention unique. If you’re thinking about featuring your image along with your spouse on your cake, Make sure you get permission from whoever will be featured in your photograph before you buy. It’s one thing to use a photo of yourself, but it’s another matter entirely if another person is in it.

Crystal Like Wedding Cake Toppers

Crystal wedding cake toppers are a perfect solution for brides who want a little bling on their wedding day but aren’t sure if they should choose silver or gold. The combination of crystal and glass means that you’ll get a twinkle without a lot of weight – which is nice if you’re trying to avoid breaking your cake. Not all crystal wedding cake toppers are elegant, though, so be sure to check out some of our best sellers before you go shopping. We think these three pieces capture what we love about crystal cake toppers: The angel wing bridal figurine, complete with a floral crown and flowing dress.

Sport Inspired Wedding Cake Toppers

If your wedding is themed around a particular sport, you may want to include an image of it on your cake. Basketball, football, soccer, or even baseball are all popular choices for couples who met while playing on a local team. What many people don’t know is that all professional sports teams make custom cake toppers for their fan base. Even if you haven’t dated anyone in college recently, check with your favorite school’s alumni association. They might be able to help track down old books and trophies (or retired jerseys!) they could use as props for cake pictures.

Antique Looking Wedding Cake Toppers

One of today’s most popular trends in cake toppers is a vintage style. While it doesn’t always fit with every wedding and couple, antique-looking wedding cake toppers offer a different approach to your typical cake decoration. Whether you want a simple wooden figurine or full-blown antiques, there are hundreds of items available for you to choose from. From antlers to doves, there is something for everyone! But what about if your nuptials include more than one type of design? No problem! Pair different designs together like wood and fabric or maybe even a bit of metal art.

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