An American wedding planning can seem overwhelming, but with the right guidance, it’s not as difficult as you might think. Here are some tips to plan the perfect American wedding!

Choose your theme for a perfect American Wedding

American Wedding can be expensive, so it’s important that you choose a theme that’s both fun and affordable. One of our favorite themes is rustic—because it’s super affordable (think twinkle lights and flowers in mason jars), but also modern (think boho-chic). Other great ideas include nautical or bohemian; or, if you want your wedding to be unique, think about choosing an uncommon color palette like lavender or yellow for your tablescapes. Whatever your theme is, make sure it’s cohesive throughout each part of your wedding. Be consistent in decorating with bunting (and don’t forget boutonnieres for men!), tablecloths with coordinating ribbon patterns, etc.

Embrace DIY Ideas

One aspect of American weddings that you don’t want to miss out on is that they’re fun, exciting, and (let’s be honest) pretty crazy! To embrace your freedom and creativity, keep an eye out for creative do-it-yourself ideas when researching wedding invitations, cakes, flowers, and all of your other bridal choices. There are hundreds of sites online dedicated to DIY wedding planning tips so you have no shortage of inspiration. A good starting point is that an ideal place for gathering ideas with one simple click! No matter what type of DIY approach you decide on for your big day, remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect in order for it to be special.

Secure some great deals

While you certainly want your wedding day to be special, you don’t want it to empty your wallet. When planning a wedding, it’s important to think about every aspect and determine if it is essential or non-essential. Some items can be negotiated or purchased second-hand. If you already have something similar, consider reusing it—it doesn’t always have to be new! Finally, if there are multiple elements for your special day that are important to you, perhaps you should negotiate with other vendors so they can work together and save on costs. You might even score some great deals!

Decide on food

If you’re planning a wedding and struggling with finding a caterer, reach out and ask around. There’s a good chance that one of your friends or family members used someone for their event and was happy with them. If they did, that can give you valuable insight into what you should be looking for when deciding on food. And if nothing else, it gives you something to brainstorm with other people involved in your wedding about. Just don’t let yourself get too stressed out by trying to please everyone; not only is it impossible, but it also shouldn’t be your goal anyway! Find a great vendor who fits both your tastes and budget and go from there. It’s YOUR big day—enjoy planning it however YOU want!

Think about the music

Music is an integral part of weddings. To plan your American wedding, you’ll want to think about what type of music you’d like at different parts of your ceremony and reception. Do you want contemporary pop music? A DJ? An organist or a string quartet? Just make sure you talk about it with your partner, your parents, and any other people that are involved in the planning! You don’t want to throw them for a loop on your big day! It’s also important to ask whether there are any restrictions on types of music allowed; some venues won’t allow live musicians because they can distract from other activities or disrupt conversations.

Pick out some great invites

Having a standard wedding invitation can be a great way to save money, but if you want something a little more unique, it’s okay. You can pay for expensive paper or fancy ribbons with your own money, or ask guests to pitch in. No matter what you choose, make sure you order plenty of extra invites. It’s likely at least one invite will get lost in the mail and you don’t want anyone missing out on your big day. One trick is to pick out someplace cards so friends and family who are unable to attend will still feel like they were invited.

Let your guests share some great experiences too

Getting married is a huge deal! In fact, it’s one of those things people spend years trying to achieve. There’s so much involved, including picking a dress and a venue, making sure your guests have transportation and food accommodations, and putting together a killer guest list. But what about your guests? Don’t they deserve some time in the spotlight too? Letting them share their wedding day experiences with you through photos is one of our favorite parts of planning an American wedding! Of course, you can let guests bring cameras (or offer them special photography packages) but there are also lots of photo booth companies out there that will help make your big day extra memorable.

Set up some great photo opportunities

If your wedding is in a busy venue, guests will be everywhere. This can often cause them to forget they’re at a wedding, rather than just strolling around an art gallery. Set up some photo opportunities for friends and family by creating areas with props (vintage hats, fun signs) or arranging for objects of sentimental value (grandmother’s antique vase) to be on display in unique ways. You can also provide a fun backdrop for wedding photos like vintage cars or old-fashioned bicycles! So much more meaningful than standing by some random trees.

Get amazing photos of your day

The best way to preserve and share your big day is through photos. You’ll cherish them forever and your family will see your wedding for years and years to come, but you don’t want every picture of it looking like a J.Crew catalog. There are some amazing photographers out there that can help capture your unique style (whatever that means) while still producing great pictures that anyone would be proud of. It may cost a little bit more, but having good photos of your day is invaluable in many ways.

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