The use of wedding veils has existed for many centuries in many different cultures. This is because veils are very versatile and can be used to match just about any type of wedding dress that you may wear. However, there are still certain styles that will go better with some dresses than others. Therefore, it’s important to know which types of wedding veils should be worn with each kind of dress so that you can avoid looking like a mismatched bride or bridesmaid on your big day.

Today we’re going to take a look at what we believe are currently the top five veil styles as well as ways they have been used by some of today’s most popular celebrity weddings. So let’s begin our journey through these unique veil varieties by beginning at number five on our list.

 Different Types of Wedding Veils

To complete your wedding day look, you’ll want to wear a veil. There are many different types of wedding veils, but there are specific styles that go with certain wedding gowns. This list can help you find which type works best with your dress.

Juliet Cap Wedding Veils

Perfect for understated brides, Juliet cap veils are plain white veils with two or three layers. This classic style looks elegant on any gown and is great for wearing on your way to the ceremony; it’s not too dramatic, but it can be dressed up with headpieces or flowers.

For a fancier look that you can show off during photos, try a veil with extra embellishments like lace or rhinestones. And for non-white weddings, consider unique colors such as blush pink or ice blue to complement your dress and really stand out from other wedding party members.

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Bandeau Wedding Veils

The bandeau veil is a classic, no-frills option that works best on a wedding dress with a low back. This style simply slips over your head and rests across your upper chest. It is available in several lengths and can be worn by anyone, regardless of hair type or face shape. Bandeau veils are traditionally made from tulle but can also be made from silk or other fabric types. When wearing a bandeau veil, you might want to include straps to keep it secured on top of your head. A two-strand twist is very popular as an alternative to straps.

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Lace Wedding Veil

If you’re looking for a classic veil that blends seamlessly with your wedding dress, lace is a great option. Lace veils often embellished with delicate beading and designs along their edges. They come in a variety of styles and lengths, including short 3⁄4-length, which works best with short bridal gowns.

A longer length also provides more coverage if you want to pull your hair back instead of up or down for an updo or other hairstyle. And because they can be worn both over your face as well as around your shoulders, you won’t need to worry about it getting in the way of holding hands with your new spouse or posing for photos. When choosing a length of lace veil, keep in mind that some types can appear shorter on curly-haired women who choose not to wear it pinned on top of their heads.

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One-Tier Wedding Veils

For brides who prefer a classic look, one-tier wedding veils are an elegant way to cover your face. These simple veils are made with a sheer fabric that is easily folded in half or gathered in soft folds to achieve a light and breezy look. Plus, many styles have built-in loops that allow you to pin your veil in place once you’ve found just the right spot on your head. One tier wedding veils can be worn as part of your hairstyle (the looped end usually fits under a hairpiece) or as a more traditional veil draped over your updo.

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Two-Tier Wedding Veils

A two-tier veil is a very common wedding veil, where a long piece of lace or tulle has a shorter tier beneath it. Two-tier veils are highly versatile, and many different styles can be created using two-tier veils. You can tie them in a traditional ballerina bun at your nape, create fullness by pinning it to your hair or do something completely unexpected with it—like draping it over one shoulder. The possibilities are endless! Here are some tips to get you started on creating your own stunning look.

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