As a bride, the moment you get engaged, or maybe long before that, you think about the season you want to get married in. Some couples prefer the spring or summer, while others long for the cooler days of fall or winter. While we would love to say there is no right or wrong season to getting married, there are pros and cons for season wedding. 

Spring Weddings

Pros for Spring Weddings

  • Everything is in Bloom! – With all the flowers growing, it is the perfect time of the year for an outdoor wedding! 
  • No Major Holidays to Compete with – During most months of the year, you must compete with holidays and vacations when you are planning your wedding. However, during the spring, you are usually safe with the exception of Easter. 
  • No Weather Restrictions with Your Gown – Choosing a wedding gown is difficult enough. However, depending on the season, your dream dress may be out of the question. During the spring, you can easily get away with either a full sleeve, half-sleeve, or sleeveless wedding gown. 
  • Extra Clouds – Some brides are bummed when they see clouds in the sky on their wedding day. But photographers love those clouds, because they are perfect for taking pictures. Here’s to no more squinting eyes from the angle of the sun!

Cons for Spring Weddings

  • Weather Can Be an Issue – You never know what type of weather you may have on a spring day. You could have a late snow shower, or it could pour buckets. You must keep all this in mind when you are planning your big day. 
  • Allergy Season – It could be bad enough that your guests are suffering from seasonal allergies, but if the bride and groom are too, their day could be a blur. This is especially true if they need to take allergy pills to stop sneezing and feel drowsy in the process. 
  • Higher Costs – Since so many couples choose to get married during the spring, you may find yourself paying more for certain items. 

Summer Weddings

Pros for Summer Weddings

  • Different Options are Available – The summer months bring a plethora of extra options for couples. You can incorporate fresh ingredients into your menu and even get married at the beach. 
  • More Light in the Day – Summer days are longer with the sun setting way after eight in the evening. This extra daylight allows you to have even more fun during the reception. 
  • All Types of Flowers are Available – All types of flowers are available during the summer months, so you will never find yourself hunting for a hard-to-find flower at a higher cost. 
  • Nights are Cooler – If you have always wanted an evening wedding, you will embrace the cooler nights during the summer. Once the sun starts to set, and the heat of the day wears off, your wedding will be just beginning to be in full swing. 

Cons for Summer Weddings

  • Hot and Humid Weather – You will never be able to escape the heat and humidity of the summer months, so you must plan for them when you choose a summer wedding. 
  • Multiple Planned Vacations – You may find your guest list dwindling since many people always have summer vacations planned. 
  • Longer Planning Times – It is usually best to have a summer wedding when you have a year or more to plan. Any shorter of a planning time will lead to fewer options for venues and vendors.

Fall Weddings

Pros for Fall Weddings

  • Colorful and Rustic Options – The fall season means the leaves are changing and that means you can have a colorful and rustic outdoor wedding. Or at least wedding pictures! 
  • Darker Colors are a Must – While the spring and summer are all about lighter colors and pastels, fall brings out the darker richer colors. 
  • Weather is Predictable – The weather in the fall is usually predictable, so you can plan for most scenarios in advance. 
  • Bring the Outdoors In – When you are searching for décor for your wedding, make sure you embrace the natural beauty of the great outdoors. There are multiple ways you can bring the outdoors inside on your wedding day. 

Cons for Fall Weddings

  • Smaller Guest List – Fall is another season that is difficult for weddings, because some guests won’t have enough vacation time after their summer travels. Of course, kids are back in school at this time of the year too. That means families might not have a second to spare for a wedding. 
  • Indoor Ceremonies are Almost Always a Must – Unfortunately, having an outdoor wedding in the fall is risky. Therefore, you are often restricted to indoor venues and those venues often have numerous rules you must follow. 
  • Planning Ahead – It is necessary to plan ahead for fall wedding, since the best indoor venues book quickly. 

Winter Weddings 

Pros for Winter Weddings

  • Fresh Snowfall Adds Ambiance – There is nothing better than a fresh coating of snow on your wedding day. 
  • Numerous Options – If you are searching for options for your wedding day, you will find it all when you plan a winter wedding. Imagine fire pits, hot cocoa bars, and all sorts of comfort foods. 
  • Romantic Ambiance – Romance is easy to have with winter weddings, because you can incorporate fireplaces and fire pits in with all the candles and twinkling lights. 

Cons for Winter Weddings

  • Competing with Holidays – Depending on when you are having your winter wedding, you may find you are competing with holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, and New Year’s. 
  • Terrible Snowstorms – There is always a chance that you will have a terrible snowstorm on the day of your winter wedding, especially if you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow during these months. 
  • Cold Wearing Wedding Dress – No matter how long your sleeves are, you are going to feel like you are freezing every time you step outside in your wedding dress during the winter. To make matters worse, your bridesmaids will be freezing too! 

These are the pros and cons for seasonal weddings. Only you know which season will be best for you, but hopefully this has given you the details of what to expect for a wedding during your season of choice. 

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