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What You Need to Know About Flower Wreath

A flower wreath is a traditional element of Scandinavian and Russian weddings. During a wedding, most couples exchange bouquets of flowers which they both carry during their first dance after they are pronounced husband and wife. 

The custom is said to have been started by Swedish Queen Kristina in 1626. In America, though, it wasn’t until 1976 that a flower wreath became a part of a modern-day wedding with its inclusion in Julia Roberts’ big day. Today, it’s one of those tried-and-true wedding elements you can still use to create your perfect look as long as you keep these tips in mind

Have you decided on your wedding colors? Then it’s time to start thinking about floral arrangements, including beautiful flower wreaths. Flower wreaths are versatile and can complement almost any wedding color scheme or theme. 

With so many stunning options available today, flower wreaths are the perfect way to decorate the ceremony and reception areas. As well as, create elegant table decorations for your guest tables. Here are some ideas to help you choose the perfect flower wreath for your wedding.

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Flower wreath ideas for your wedding ceremony

While you may think of a bridal bouquet as a part of your wedding day, your options aren’t limited to flowers for your hair. In fact, some couples opt for a wedding wreath, which is an arrangement typically worn on top of a veil. Besides you can also use the flower wreath as an arch stand. This can be a great way to incorporate certain flowers into your special day that wouldn’t be appropriate as part of a bride’s bouquet or boutonniere. 

 You can even craft your own flower wreath at home if you’d like. The most common types of flowers used in wedding wreaths are roses and hydrangeas.  Other popular choices include dahlias, peonies, camellias, and carnations. Talk with your florist about what arrangements might look best with your dress style. 

If you have other floral elements planned for your big day—for example, it’s being held during summer months when peonies are blooming—it makes sense to select seasonal blooms so everything looks cohesive. Some arrangements feature both dried flowers and fresh ones so they last long after your wedding day is over; again, talk with your florist to determine what will work best given your overall theme.


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How to Make Flower Wreath for Wedding

To make a flower wreath you will need a piece of heavy cardboard, a length of strong twine or thread, long shears or a sharp knife, floral foam, and some silk flowers. Cut out your shape from cardboard as large as you think it will need to be for your head. The size is up to you but remember that it will have to go over your hair as well as any hats etc that you may be wearing. You can now start attaching flowers to it either with hot glue or floral wire if there are short stems on them. 

Alternatively, you could use an alternative mounting method for each type of flower. These vary in time required depending on how complicated they are. Whatever method you choose make sure they are securely attached before moving on to the next steps. 

Once all are attached leave overnight to ensure all are firmly in place before proceeding with the next step. Take two cans of floral foam and cut off their ends so that they are square, then tape these together to create one bigger square. 

Take another long length of thread (about 4 times longer than what you measured when making your template) fold it in half, loop through one edge at one end inside both cans forming a triangle back down inside both cans again forming another triangle until you get back to where you started. Tie ends together tightly around the top rim of both cans ensuring that it makes good contact around the entire rim. Do not worry about getting too much overlap here because excess can easily be trimmed later after having shaped wreath form.

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Flower Wreath Decorations

Creating your own wedding flower wreath is a fantastic way to save money and put your own personal stamp on your wedding day. Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how to create a stunning floral headpiece that’s as fresh as it is fragrant. 

Use these simple flower arrangement techniques for an eye-catching addition to any big day, whether you’re getting married, planning a corporate event, or just attending a special function. This classic style of the bridal wreath is an elegant way to really impress, but don’t worry – even if you can’t make it on Pinterest-worthy flowers on your big day, chances are there will be someone at your reception more than happy enough to snap a photo of it.


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