The bride and groom’s wedding car decoration is an important part of the wedding day, as it’s where they’ll be spending a lot of time during the ceremony. Your wedding car decoration should reflect your personality, as well as your relationship with your partner and your families relationships with each other. Here are 8 ideas that might inspire you to take things to the next level when it comes to planning out your wedding car decoration!

Painted Wedding Cars

Painted wedding cars come in a range of styles, from single accent color to small geometric patterns. Whatever your vision, it’s possible to convey that message through your car’s paint job. To do so without causing damage to your car, start by masking off as much as you can with painter’s tape or paper and then applying paint with a foam brush or roller. You can purchase wedding-car paints online at select automotive retailers and art supply stores.

Retro Wedding Cars

Wedding cars are used to transport the bride and groom, family members, and guests to and from wedding ceremonies. These wedding cars aren’t just for show; they’re often elaborately decorated to set a fun tone for your big day! As your wedding party arrives at your ceremony in one of these kitschy-cool transport vehicles, you can be sure that no one will forget it. Here are some of our favorite retro wedding car decorations to get you inspired! Some may surprise you. Take a look at, above! The flower hairpiece—yep, it makes an appearance. You never know what could catch your eye or fall into place as a quirky wedding decoration on any given day. But we certainly hope these ideas help you think outside of the box as much as possible! Don’t underestimate what a little planning on your end can do for your wedding theme.

Personalized Designs

Personalizing a wedding car with decorations is a fun way to make your day extra special. Here are ten of our favorite designs. From a bride and groom riding a bull to a wooden sign with your names carved in. You’re sure to find something that fits perfectly for your big day. And once it comes time to leave, no one will forget how well it turned out! 

Vintage Wedding Cars

The popular trend in wedding car decorating is to use vintage cars. Vintage cars make great decorations because they’re colorful and fun. Many of them have been restored to look shiny and new, which makes them a striking addition to any wedding procession. These vehicles also have a sense of nostalgia, since many people remember riding in or seeing these vehicles from their childhoods. The best part about using vintage vehicles is that you can find one at local flea markets, auctions, or even online auctions.

Eco Friendly Wedding Cars

One of many choices a couple makes when planning their wedding day is which type of vehicle they’ll use to take them to and from their ceremony. If you decide on something other than traditional church pews, you might opt for an eco-friendly car. These days, that can be anything from horse-drawn carriages which are safer for drivers to antique cars. Be sure to follow your state’s requirements for vehicles transporting multiple passengers before finalizing your decision. There are several national firms that provide cars for weddings.

Hot Rod Wedding Cars

Having a hot rod-themed wedding car is both fun and unexpected, but beyond just being plain cool, it can have sentimental value for some couples. Whether you got your first speeding ticket in one or went on your first date in one, driving in a cool vintage ride can be reminiscent of some of life’s best moments. To give your special day an added dash of pizzazz, consider hiring a classic hot rod or muscle car to carry you to your wedding ceremony.

Sports Themed Wedding Cars

Some people prefer to have a bit of an out-there wedding car decoration. If you are having a fun, themed, or sports-themed wedding, why not decorate your wedding car with an emblematic sign? For example, if you are having a football-themed wedding, hire a coach decorated in team colors! The same applies to any other sport. A baseball-themed car at a baseball-themed event would make all guests smile. Think about what activity is relevant to your big day and find a relevant way to incorporate it into your theme!

Humorous Wedding Cars

If you want your wedding to stand out, then why not opt for a funny theme? It might just be worth it. These days, there are so many things that can help you express your individuality on your big day, and one of them is choosing a funny wedding car. Use your cars as a platform for humor. It may seem like an unconventional choice, but there are many examples of creative weddings that have used wedding cars to create entertainment. For example, some couples commissioning Rolls Royce wedding cars have opted to decorate them with humorous images of their loved ones, including photoshopped illustrations of them wearing props such as oversized top hats or furry bunny ears.

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