Garden or Wedding Arch Arbor

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Garden or Wedding Arch Arbor

Garden or Wedding Arch Arbor


The gently curved structure forms an arch with Gothic-inspired spires at each end. The horizontal rods connect the vertical sides to each other to form a strong structure. The horizontal bar at the top is an ideal place to hang lightweight potted plants. The arch is very suitable for supporting lightweight climbing plants and vines. Robust tubular steel frame structure; powder coated in durable black polyester epoxy paint. Black will blend with the surrounding environment.

Lightweight, easy to move, quick assembly, step-by-step instructions. It looks great when decorated with flowers (decoration is not included), and it decorates the party perfectly. Great for events such as weddings, birthday parties, etc.

Wedding Arch Arbor

7 reviews for Garden or Wedding Arch Arbor

  1. April

    I purchased this arch for an upcoming wedding. I like the height because my son is a little over 6ft tall so we needed height for our arch. We were able to adjust the height by removing one set of bars on each side to bring it down to decorate.We found that support will be needed once decorations are added which is a simple fix. I took away a star because one bottom leg was a little bent. Honestly no more than it cost if care is taken during assembly and take down it could be used again. If we needed another arch I wouldn’t hesitate ordering from the company. 

  2. nancy swanson

    It was easy to put together.I left the last two connected pieces off so I could easily carry it outside and finish the assembly.I stuck it in the ground and added a couple stakes to play it safe.We had a major wind and rain storm after I put it up and no problems.I am using it for a arch to grow jasmine over.It is not made to hang planters on as it is lightweight and would bend.It was just what I needed and the price was reasonable.

  3. Dani

    I think it will work for the intended purpose for a season or two. Bought to lift a vine that outgrew a fence. Since the fence supports most of the weight it should be ok. The metal is extremely thin. I accidentally pinched part without realizing while tightening a screw. I recommend hand tightening first then carefully snug with screwdriver.Very wobbly until supported but once I buried and weighted down the ends it feels sturdy enough. I would not try hanging decorations unless very light. Would recommend only in a low traffic area where people are unlikely to bump into the sides. For $22 it’s a decent product. Would buy again.

  4. kH

    Used for an outdoor wedding, it was easy to decorate (with tulle and flower garlands) and transport to venue. It is very light weight and was somewhat top heavy after decorating but sinking legs into ground atleast 6″ seemed to solve problem. If it had been a very windy day or had it been used indoors, we probably would have had to stabilize it somehow. Overall, worth the low cost.

  5. mahoganymountainmama

    White wedding arches are in a package of 3, average $20 each, and are much bigger than the other arches I have seen for $20. You attach them yourself for triple arch. Once in ground much sturdier. Be gentle, metal is very thin. Looks great all together! Be sure and use a screwdriver for assembly. Easier to assemble with 2 people. People over 6 ft fit under this, yay!

  6. C. Estremera

    Good for a quick indoor wedding ceremony. EasyTo assemble after looking at similar structures assembled on YouTube. I’m decorating the wobbly with flowers and tulle. Might need a weight to hold the base sturdy. I like the longer width option. Don’t over tighten the screws! May break easily. Contact seller if issue. 

  7. S. Fuoco

    This arch is not the strongest but for the price it’s more than decent. I put it together with ease. The kit even comes with a screwdriver. I’m using the arch for bittersweet vines and so far the vines are taking a liking to it. Keep in mind it’s NOT going to compare to something you’ll find in a big box home goods store but on the same token remember what your paying for it!!!! I weighted the bottom of each side and it survived a severe thunderstorm the same day I put it up so I’m happy. 

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