Cheers to you for taking the time to plan an outdoor wedding! Sometimes these types of weddings are a little more difficult to plan, because there are so many variables. While you may have been so focused on the intricate details of your outdoor wedding, we don’t want you to forget about your guests. There are a few things they must be aware of on your wedding day. 

Planning an Outdoor Wedding? That’s Great! But Here are 6 Things Your Guests Need to Know

1 Seasonal Blooms

Depending on what time of year you are having your wedding, you may want to alert your guests to the seasonal blooms at your venue. This will allow anyone to take the proper allergy medication before coming. 

2 Aware of Alternative Location

We understand you want your wedding day to be perfect and that includes being able to use your outdoor venue. However, the weather can sometimes wreak havoc and cause couples to use an alternate location. You must make sure your guests are aware of the alternate location. It is also a good idea to tell guests how you will alert them if the alternate location needs to be used. 


3 Where Things are Located 

If you are having an outdoor wedding at your home, your guests must know what bathrooms are to be used and which rooms are off limits. If you are using an outdoor venue, you can be prepared with signs that point your guests in the right direction. 

4 Parking Options

Finding a place to park for outdoor ceremonies and receptions can be difficult, depending on the location. Therefore, it is best to have parking plans in place before your wedding day. This will allow you to tell your guests exactly where they should park when they arrive. 

5 Possibility of Bugs

Outdoor weddings also bring bugs, so your guests will want to bring their own bug spray. If you forget to tell your guests, or you want to be nice if someone forgets their bug spray, you can always provide a few bottles for everyone to use. 


6 Share Dress Code for Wedding with Invites

Not everyone has been to an outdoor wedding before and each one is different anyway. Therefore, it is usually best to include a dress code with the invitation. If you know you are getting married in the middle of field, you may want to tell guests to avoid high heels. There are many different variables, so simply make sure you prepare your guests for your wedding scenario. 

These are six things your guests must know for your outdoor wedding. Since some people will never have attended an outdoor wedding before, these are good things to let them know. Plus, they serve as excellent reminders to those who have attended an outdoor wedding in the past! If you are unsure of what you need to tell your guests, simply look at all the variables for your outdoor wedding and consider what you would like to know as a guest. 


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