Creating a guest list for a wedding can be overwhelming, because normally you don’t want to miss a single person you and your significant other knows. However, when you are planning a smaller wedding, with an even smaller guest list, this task becomes even more intense. After all, most of the time you must narrow your guest list down to two dozen guests or less. As you are crossing people off the list, you may have a feeling of dread. This dread comes from the fact you know you will never hear the end of it from some of the people you know. 

Planning a Limited Guest List for Your Wedding? Here’s How to Avoid Hurt Feelings for Those Not Invited!

Since you know it is going to be impossible to avoid hurt feelings altogether, you must have a thick skin when you start this entire process of creating your small guest list. Once you have realized you will have people complaining no matter what, place a smile on your face and simply tell those people how much they mean to you. 

Now that we have that out of the way, we recommend creating a type of system when it comes to planning who makes it onto your guest list and who doesn’t. After all, if you invite one cousin, you most likely will need to invite all your other cousins. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Basically, your plan can include inviting family members you speak to regularly and leaving those you haven’t connected with in years off your list. 

The same holds true for friends and friends of the family. Yes, you may want to include all those people in your special day. But a small guest list will not allow you to invite all those people you have known since you were five years old but haven’t talked to for years. 

 Guest List

Another excellent way to keep your guest list small without having hurt feelings is to skip the plus ones. Yes, everyone who is married will get to attend together. However, those single people you know can easily attend your wedding on their own. This will allow them to attend, and you get to keep your guest list trimmed down. 

Once you have your guest list in place, don’t give in to demands or bribes. You know you will have them! Simply stand your ground, don’t apologize too much, and tell those who are not invited that you are happy they are supporting you with the type of wedding you want to have. 

The best way to avoid hurt feelings amongst all these people is to have a nice get together with everyone in your backyard afterwards. This potluck or barbecue style get together can allow everyone to celebrate with you without you breaking your wedding budget or intimate wedding setting. 

Do you think you can plan an intimate wedding with a small guest list and not hurt anyone’s feelings now? Follow these tips, stay true to yourself, and most everyone who doesn’t make the guest list will understand. 

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