Are you planning to tie-a-knot next year? Then, you probably keep on thinking about whether to have an open bar. Obviously, everybody loves free stuff and drinks, but it comes at a huge cost. It is said that the alcohol at a wedding can sometimes be more expensive than the meals themselves. If you are planning to have an open bar on your wedding day, you don’t have to spend more than your expected budget.  

open bar

An open bar refers to a setup where guests don’t need to pay for their drinks. It means that the hosts foot the bill at the wedding. Your guests are free to walk around and enjoy every drink. Considering this option, however, is not an easy one. You have to weigh its pros and cons to recognize whether an open bar suits your preferences or not. 

Here are some pros of an open bar at a wedding reception you shouldn’t miss knowing:

  • Your Guests Prefer to Stay at the Party — The bartenders at an open bar are focused on providing perfect drinks for your guests. Through this, your guests will decide to stay longer and enjoy your wedding reception.
  • Encourages socializing, and networking — Open bar at a wedding reception stimulates dancing and keeps an upbeat mood. A little drink is also perfect for making new networking and friends.
  • Less Decision Making — Planning your wedding takes a lot of time, and you have to consider each detail. An open bar covers everything for you. You don’t have to talk to various liquor vendors to set up at the reception area.  

Above all, open bars ensure quicker service compared to cash bars. Your valuable guests and friends don’t have to wait for several hours to get their refreshments.  

drink bar

 In addition, here are the usual cons of an open bar at a wedding reception: 

  • Lead to Distracted Guests — Though an open bar encourages networking, your guests may roam around the bar instead of participating in your wedding short program or activity. The bar may also become the informal hangout area instead of being a huge and memorable experience.
  • Quite Expensive — Since an open bar carries everything you need; it costs a bit costly. As advised, don’t forget to consult your preferred company. It is best to look for an open bar service that offers customer discounts and special pricing.
  • Guests Might Overindulge — Since your guests are free to drink anything they want; they may drink so hard. Just like others, you don’t want rowdy guests. So, you have to consider this one.

After knowing the pros and cons of an open bar, you have to decide wisely. The first thing you need to consider is your available budget. Since an open bar requires enough money, it is best to prepare beforehand. You also need to inform your guests about your plans to have a smooth and perfect wedding party celebration.   

What are you waiting for? Decide what is best for your wedding reception now!

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