Have you ever done something your parents told you not to or had a disagreement with them about something, and wondered why you couldn’t get along with them? You’ve seen it before: your parents want you to have a wedding, but they don’t want you to have everything else that goes with wedding planning, like buying your dress, choosing your venue, and designing everything down to the last detail. Don’t worry, and you’re not alone. A lot of people have experienced this situation. Your parents want the best for you, but definitely, you also want your wedding to go your way.  

Taking Back the Wedding Planning

As a bride-to-be, you might have given up a lot of control over your wedding planning. But like every girl, you have a few secrets of your own, and we want to help you get back some of your wedding planning powers.

Your parents may have been right about the wedding: you’ve told everyone what you want, but they’re the ones who have the final say on the date, the venue, the decorations, and everything else. If this is the case (and it probably is), you need to take back the reins of your wedding planning.

Wedding planning is a minefield of expectation, pressure, and over-involvement. While you may not always agree with how they plan your itinerary, your wedding is most likely the world’s most important day for them. They’ll do everything they can to help you out, often without asking you if it’s what you really want. They may not want to see you get married, but they also want the best for you.


The Strategy

So, you’re the kind of person who gets everything done on your own, and you’re not a fan of a lot of the advice your parents give you. Maybe it’s the idea that you should start planning your wedding with them, or the idea that you should ask your parents for money to pay for it. Maybe it’s the idea that you should just let everyone else do the planning and tell your parents that you’re happy with the direction the wedding is headed. Unfortunately, your parents will not take no for an answer. You need to have a deep conversation with them and let them understand your side. You also need to be aware of how they feel, so make sure to have the balance. Make sure that you don’t offend your parents.  

Aside from that, you can also delegate some things related to the wedding but not all. This is the best thing to do so that they will not be offended. They will feel that they are still involved in the wedding preparation, but at the same time, you can also dictate what you want, especially on the major details. Through this strategy, everyone will be happy, you, your partner, and your parents. All will be on the same page in making the best day of your life totally wonderful.  

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