Planning a wedding can be a lot of work, especially if you decide to DIY a few things. You could spend hours trying to figure out how to do everything on your own or you can follow the helpful advice of those who have completed these things in the past. We don’t know about you, but we vote for the latter! If you have been dreaming of having a flower archway at your wedding, here is a helpful DIY guide for you to use. 

Creating a Flower Archway for Your Wedding? Here’s a DIY Guide!

1 Rent, Purchase, or Make Your Archway

You must have an archway if you want to cover it in flowers for your wedding day. You can choose to rent, purchase, or make your archway. 

2 Soak Floral Foam Bricks

Your flower archway will be covered in floral foam bricks before you cover it in flowers. These foam bricks will need to be soaked for at least thirty minutes before you attach them to your archway. However, we prefer to soak them overnight for the best results. 

Seasonal Flowers

3 Stabilize Archway

Depending on how heavy your flower archway is going to be, you may want to stabilize it before starting. We recommend placing the archway inside two buckets filled with stones and pebbles. This extra weight will ensure your wedding flower archway will not blow over before, during, or after your ceremony. And don’t worry, it is simple to cover these buckets with flowers and greenery, so you won’t see them when you are finished. 

4 Attach the Foam Bricks with Zip Ties

Once your floral foam bricks are ready to use, you will attach them to the archway using zip ties. It is easy to shape these bricks to match the shape of the archway. However, you may need to trim some of the bricks to avoid any unsightly pieces when you are finished. 

5 Add Greenery

Greenery is always added once your foam bricks are attached. We recommend using greenery that can easily be cut into pieces, because it is more manageable. 

6 Add Flowers

Once your greenery is in place, it will be time to start the best part of this DIY project! This is the time to add all those gorgeous flowers. Hopefully, you thought about your flower choices carefully and chose flowers that will match the other flowers you are using for your wedding party. If you are unsure of what flowers will work best for your wedding flower archway, you can always meet with a florist and get a little advice. 

Hopefully, this DIY guide is helping you see how easy it will be to create your very own flower archway for your wedding. Making a flower archway may seem difficult when you are starting out, but as you get

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