The wedding display cake is typically larger, taller, and more ornate than the wedding cutting cakes. Wedding display cakes are just that – they are only displayed on the buffet table at the wedding reception. But they aren’t cut until after all of your guests have left because the wedding display cakes are harder to transport.

There are two main types of wedding cakes that you can choose from: cutting cake or display cake.

The cutting cake is the smaller, more decorated cake that the couple cuts at their reception to share with their guests. Wedding cakes actually became popular in America during the late 1800s. When it was thought that cutting small pieces of the wedding cake would lead to good luck because the wedding cake was supposed to symbolize fertility.

Today, wedding cakes come in a variety of different styles and designs. Some wedding cakes are tiered with three or four liberal servings of icing between the different tiers. While others are only two-tiered wedding cakes that give guests larger portions. And, because wedding cakes have become more popular, wedding display cakes are becoming even more ornate than wedding cutting cakes.

Although wedding cakes are traditionally white, wedding cake designers now offer wedding cakes in different colors that range in the entire rainbow spectrum. And, wedding cakes no longer need to be just for weddings – they can be ordered to celebrate other special events like anniversaries and birthdays. Wedding cakes come in all different shapes and sizes. Some wedding cakes are square, while others are round or even heart-shaped wedding cakes.

Another wedding cake trend that is popular today is wedding cakes with personalized pictures of the bride and groom on top of each wedding cake tier. Even wedding cutting cakes may be designed to look like the couple’s favorite things like their wedding invitations or wedding cake topper. No matter what wedding cake style you choose, cutting wedding cakes will continue to be a tradition that is cherished by couples for years to come.

A wedding cake is the centerpiece of traditional wedding receptions and has been since the 1800s. Traditionally, only women would eat wedding cakes because it was believed that wedding cakes symbolized fertility. However, wedding cakes became mainstream in the 1800s and men began to eat wedding cakes as well. And today, wedding cake cutting is a wedding reception tradition that both sexes partake in.

Cutting wedding cakes gained its popularity during the late nineteenth century when it was believed that cutting small pieces of wedding cake would lead to good luck. Although wedding cakes were already a part of wedding receptions, wedding cake cutting was not a wedding reception tradition until the late 1800s. Wedding cake cutting traditions vary from couple to couple. And wedding cake cuttings have been known to be elaborate ceremonies that include wedding cake cutting with swords. Shooting guns into the air. Wedding cutting cakes comes from a tradition of cutting the cake with a sword. The belief is that cutting the cake with a sword will bring good luck to the newlyweds and they will have a happy marriage. 

In most weddings, cutting cakes are now cut using plastic knives instead of swords. Partially because it’s not as fun when cutting plastic knives, but also because cutting cakes with swords can be dangerous.

Wedding cutting cakes are most commonly served in the form of a sheet cake. Sheet cakes generally have six different layers of cake alternating with five layers of filling to make one big sheet cake that is then cut into individual servings. The most common types of wedding.

Display Cakes are meant to be seen. Their primary function is to decorate the venue in which they are displayed. Display cakes can come in any size or shape, and most often include ornamental features such as sugar flowers, intricate scrollwork, confectionery lace, or painted designs. Display cakes are often tiered, but this is not a necessity. It can be iced in buttercream, fondant, ganache, or even whipped cream. The simple cake stand can elevate your Display Cake to an art form of its own. Simple stands may include the classic white three-tie, etc. Display cakes can also be made with special cake pan molds.



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