Beach wedding is romantic and breathtaking but can be expensive and difficult to pull off well. While a beach ceremony may not be feasible, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate the beach into your wedding day. Or honeymoon that won’t break the bank or strain your relationships with family and friends who live far away. These beach wedding ideas will inspire you to plan an unforgettable ceremony no matter where you live!

Beach Ceremony


Beach Wedding Ideas


The sand beneath your feet. The beach is a backdrop for a colorful ceremony full of laughter and joy. Vows are exchanged in front of loved ones while waves gently roll in. Of course, when it comes to planning a beach wedding, there’s more involved than simply saying I do on a sunny day at the shore. From what you’ll wear down to where you can get married. Here are 10 inspiring beach wedding ideas that will have you ready for your big day in no time! Use these tips as they are or create something even better with them as inspiration.

An Outdoor Reception


Outdoor reception for Wedding


If you’re looking for an oceanfront or lakeside reception, then you’re going to need a place that can accommodate a good number of guests. Restaurants and hotels offer a variety of packages, but a beach wedding on your own property is going to give you all sorts of flexibility. This might be tricky if your house isn’t close enough, but if it is, then consider having your guests dine on some delicious barbeque by candlelight as they watch the sunset over the water. Make sure everyone has complimentary shuttles available so nobody has too far to drive at night. This idea is perfect for those who have an active lifestyle and want their celebration to match it.

Personalizing Details

Personalizing a wedding is a great way to add unique touches that reflect you and your future spouse. Be sure to personalize details from invitations down to favors. To get you started, here are 10 beach wedding ideas for inspiration! Remember, your wedding is about celebrating your love, so don’t be afraid of making it your own! While not everyone can get married on an actual beach, there are lots of ways you can integrate beaches into your ceremony—you just have to get creative. One option: rent out a public space in fronts of an ocean view like a boardwalk or pier and skip bringing chairs entirely.

A Beach Brunch

Beach Branch in Wedding

It’s a great way to start off your day and all you need is some fresh fruit, juice, and perhaps a mimosa or two! A beach brunch allows your guests to soak up some sun before heading into your ceremony. The location of your ceremony can affect how long it lasts; if you opt for an outdoor wedding on the sand, guests will be able to relax comfortably as they sit in their chairs. However, if you choose an indoor wedding hall with no windows and artificial lighting, people may leave early. Keep that in mind when creating your schedule and deciding which elements of your day deserve more time.

Beach Theme Decor

Unlike typical weddings that are held in churches, banquet halls, or backyards, beach-themed weddings are celebrated in outdoor venues. Beach theme decor will include seashell accents, strings of white lights to resemble starlight reflecting off of ocean waves at night, and other decorations that feel tropical and reminiscent of summer vacations. Other beach wedding themes may incorporate nautical colors like navy blue and aquamarine. Seashells can be placed in vases for centerpieces, which is an alternative way to display flowers that could damage easily when carried down sand or rocky paths. Some brides choose beach colors in lieu of specific flowers; therefore, wedding guests would bring non-perishable items like seashells or sand as their gifts instead of plants or wrapped candies.

Icons and Symbols

Icon and Symbols for Wedding Ceremony

Creating a wedding based on custom elements is a great way to make it unique to you. Some common symbols for weddings include flowers, feathers, candles, glassware, and crystal. Mixing these in with beach icons like driftwood and shells is also popular for creating a one-of-kind celebration that’s memorable for you and your guests. A wedding doesn’t have to be all about flowery florals; consider using an assortment of items with personal significance to create your perfect ceremony space. Beach weddings may not be for everyone—but don’t let their unpopularity stop you from having yours! Choosing a beach locale is just as much about following your heart as it is practicality. There are endless opportunities to turn any beach into a beautiful backdrop fit for celebrating love.

Seashell Bouquet

Seashell Bouquet

You can use seashells or pretty stones instead of flowers for your bouquet. Just be sure to pick out shells that are safe for you and your loved one to walk on barefoot. If you’re planning an intimate beach wedding, you’ll want them in a private area so people don’t step on them and crack their feet open!  Also, if doing seashells, check out how-to tips from Martha Stewart here. And look at these gorgeous DIY shelly flower arrangements here too. The internet is your oyster (yes, oysters grow near beaches!) when it comes to inspiration. That said, make sure you always do it legally!

Here’s what California’s Department of Fish & Wildlife says. Taking marine invertebrates, such as abalone and geoduck (also known as hairy pennies), must be done with a license issued by CDFW. But more info is available online too. Good luck on those legal steps it all seems really overwhelming! Hooray for looking into costs and asking us first. A lot goes into starting any business. And we want to help as much as possible.

Beach Guests

Invite your guests weeks in advance and give them an option. Do they want to stay at a nearby hotel or come spend a few days on your beach? Depending on where you live, beach getaways might be an option. If you’re not up for putting together a group trip, rent out a house and let your friends and family bring tents. You can also rent water toys like kayaks or paddleboards so they have something to do when you’re not getting married!







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