Many couples are afraid to have a backyard wedding, because they think the result will look cheap instead of elegant and luxurious. We want you to consider a backyard wedding once again, because there are many creative ways to save money and have everything you want at the same time. 

Backyard Wedding: 8 Ideas Your Guests Won’t Realize Were So Cheap

1 Vintage Lanterns

You don’t need to spend a lot on vintage lanterns for your backyard wedding. You can easily pick up some cheap lanterns and give them a vintage look with a little paint. Add a battery-operated votive candle, or larger candle, depending on the size of your lantern. 

2 String Lights

String lights do not cost a lot of money, but they add a huge amount of visual appeal to a backyard wedding. We recommend choosing LED lights for the brightest option. You can string them above or you can hang them down behind your table at the reception. 

3 Mason Jar Vases

Some guests will think your mason jar vases must have cost a small fortune, especially if you have them in your wedding colors. However, a little paint goes a long way in creating the colors of choice on mason jars. 

Mason Jar Vases

4 Wooden Welcome Sign

You can easily purchase a piece of wood and stain it before painting verbiage on it for your welcome sign. If you want to really get creative with this backyard wedding idea, we recommend attaching greenery and flowers to your sign. You can take this a step further by making multiple signs for your backyard wedding. 

5 Ladder Arches

Arches can be expensive to make, but not if you choose to make one out of old ladders. Use one ladder on each side and then a long flat ladder across the top. You can decorate the ladder rungs on the sides with vases filled with flowers. And if you have a nighttime wedding, feel free to wrap the ladders in LED lights. 

6 Glass Bottles

Glass bottles have so many uses at backyard weddings, but we love attaching them to stakes in the ground. You can line the aisle with these glass bottles either filled with flowers or strands of LED lights.

Glass Bottles flowers

7 Create a Wish Tree

If your yard needs a new tree, purchase one in a pot for your wedding. You can use this tree as a wish tree and then plant it after your wedding. As your wish tree, guests can write their wish for you on a slip of paper before attaching it to the tree. You can save all those wishes in a wedding keepsake box after you read them all. 

8 Antique Truck

This idea is only going to be budget friendly if you happen to know someone who owns an antique truck, but it was too good not to share with you! Place the antique truck in a prominent spot in your yard and fill the back with metal buckets filled with flowers, as well as old ladders, doors, and other items. This can be a focal point of your wedding and your guests will love taking their picture with it. 

These are 8 ideas your guests won’t realize were so cheap for your backyard wedding. Yes, these ideas will take some of your time, but you can save a lot of money. So, grab a few friends and get creative as you turn your backyard into your dream wedding destination! 


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