Ah yeah, the wedding cost… If you’ve ever planned a wedding or going through the process at the moment you know that trying to get to an estimate of the total wedding cost is simply a nightmare. Sure, creating a budget is important and necessary but how many people can actually say that their original budget falls within ten percent of their actual cost? Not many… But don’t lose hope! this is exactly what this article is for and if you follow along you’ll get valuable tips and tools that will help you calculate an actual wedding cost.

What is a wedding cost?

Now first of all let’s define a wedding cost because this is what we’re actually interested in. A wedding cost is the sum of all the items that need to be purchased to make a wedding happen: The venue Catering Lawn chairs Wedding cakes Gift bags Hair and makeup Taxes on every single service Photography and videography Invitations and postage Flowers Wedding dress Chairs Floral centrepieces Flower bunting Table centrepieces Lighting Cake Photographer Wedding planner Now that you have the definition of a wedding cost, let’s get down to business and figure out what your number should be. Let’s talk budget To be honest, finding a wedding cost for a couple can be frustrating.

How to calculate the wedding cost

There are a number of ways to calculate the total cost of a wedding including: Inputting different vendors that were involved in the wedding and/or each event Take into account all costs for wedding night and celebrations Not including everything (cost for decorations, a DJ, venues, etc.) You can use one of many Wedding Cost Calculators to help you get started or set the framework for your project. Some of the tools below will help you crunch all the numbers. Cost Estimator Website You can visit this tool’s landing page and create a free account for a quick estimate. You can then compare results with other couples and create your own forecast.

Tools to Help Me Calculate the Wedding Cost

Maybe you’re one of those people that likes to estimate the cost of the wedding, but in all honesty it’s not that hard, and using the right calculator can make the whole process more convenient and clear. We’ve chosen 7 tools that will help you calculate the cost of your wedding, including some free ones.

  1. This Nerdwallet calculator is not a budget wizard but it is a great tool that will help you organize all the costs in one place
  2. And if we’ve added the above one we have to mention the Budget Planner Tool by TheKnot. They do require you to to register as a user but they do offer a lot in return!
  3. This Wedding Budget Calculator by Omnicalculator is on another level of sophistication. You can itemize so many things yet it is still clear and easy to use.
  4. The Wedding Budget Tool by WeddingWire has the nicest interface and should definitely be on your list of the tools to try.
  5. The next one we like not only because it’s as useful as the others but because it takes into account your location in the US which really matters!
  6. This Wedding Cost Calculator might look a bit simplistic but after the first impression you see how far you can really drill down with it.
  7. The last Wedding Budget Calculator on our list is by MagnetStreet and it is the most beautiful one by far. But after you relax from its beauty you also find out how functional it really is.


If you plan to get married and are wondering how to calculate the average cost of a wedding, check out this article. This way, you can get a reliable estimate of what will be the cost of your wedding.

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