Do you think that planning a wedding at home will be easier than having it at a wedding venue? It could be, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a few plans in place to ensure your home wedding goes off without a hitch. After all, there are so many details included in weddings at home and it can be so easy to skip a few of them without realizing it.

7 Tips for Planning a Wedding at Home in 2021


1. Utilize Your Entire Yard and Home

When you decide to plan a wedding at your home in 2021, you are going to want to make sure you are utilizing all the space. The kitchen can be used by the caterer, if it is large enough, and bedrooms can be turned into dressing rooms. You can even have specific areas for each part of the day if your yard is large enough.


2. Plan for Any Weather

You may think planning your wedding for a Saturday in June will be perfect, because it is usually nice at that time of the year. But it can still be cold during the month of June and rain can fall at any time. It can also be super-hot. Therefore, you will want to plan for any type of weather.


3. Include Decorations You Can Keep Up After Your Wedding

Instead of placing vases filled with flowers all around your yard, plant some flowers and let them bloom long into the future. Those lanterns you hang up to light up the night can be used the rest of the year too.


4. Plan for Clean Up

Cleaning up the day after your wedding is not something you are going to want to do. Therefore, we recommend hiring a cleaning crew to do it for you.


5. Plan Ahead for Entertainment

You may know that you want a DJ or a live band, but you may not realize how much space is needed for the entertainment. We recommend that you find out from the vendor how much space they require, before you decide where everything else is going.

wedding band

6. Take Advantage of the Scenery

If your home overlooks the mountains, use that backdrop for your vows and photos. Same goes for the setting sun if your wedding is taking place later in the day.

wedding mountains

7. Create an Intimate Wedding

Weddings at home can be really intimate if you plan them right. Create cozy lounging areas that will allow for social distancing as needed. Personalize wedding favors or even the cocktail napkins. There are so many ways to create an intimate feeling in your home and backyard. So, be creative and take advantage of your space.


These are seven of the tips you need to know for planning a wedding at home in 2021. There are many others, but these will get you started with planning the wedding of your dreams. You may need to implement other tips as well, depending on your local guidelines on the day of your wedding.


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