Ok, so you’ve decided to celebrated your happiest day among friends and family in yours or your parents backyard. What’s next? How do you take it from an idea into a beautiful event that will wow both you and your guests? We’ve written this article with you in mind. Take some, or all, of our tips and we’er sure you’re going to have a glorious wedding!

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

How do you make your outdoor wedding ceremony the highlight of the day? Make your moment a captivating ceremony ceremony through color and entertainment. First, do your research and take a look at gorgeous and colorful wedding ceremonies from around the world. The guests can be amazed by simple things like a beautiful bouquet that will decorate the bachelorette party. Another trendy idea is having a Henna ceremony that will make your wedding a success and very unique!

Try experimenting With Flowers. A colorful wedding doesn’t have to have bouquets or floral arrangements in order to be the main focus of the day. Try out a flower wall. It’s a great way to combine indoor and outdoor wedding ideas!

Backyard Wedding Reception

If you’re set on having a backyard wedding or an outdoor wedding in a local park or field, these ideas will help you create the perfect reception.

  1. Tailgate-Style BBQ – Gone are the days where you had to live on take-out, because you wanted to burn off that beer belly you’ve been growing for a couple months. If your BBQ isn’t up to par, it’s simple to bring it to your yard.
  2. DIY – There are hundreds of easy DIYs you can do to get some amazing DIY artwork to place on your tables. And what better way to impress your guests than to give it some native flare? Tie One On Mmmmhmm.


We know lighting is pretty important, but it shouldn’t be your only concern. Regardless of what your lighting plan is, it will need to be secure. Using lights around the patio area, tree and/or plants are essential for your lighting scheme, as they will help you to accentuate different areas and ‘wow’ guests as they arrive. An important fact to know is that ceiling lights will only cast light at the best angles, which can often make your top areas seem small and ‘broken’ but overhead is the best option to ensure you create the right atmosphere to go along with your mood. An ideal way to light your area is by putting a string of lights up each side of the patio, which when switched on, will create a stunning atmosphere.

Food and Drinks

Decide on the type of menu you want to serve and go out and buy it. This can be a long process depending on where you live, the dietary restrictions and general tastes of your guests. Just make sure you pick out a variety of options that are going to please your guests and offer something that’s also a good value for money. Choose the most appropriate dishes, and get a platter of nibbles for everyone to munch on throughout the night. A few glasses of wine, beer, soft drinks or juices can be taken to your guests who might not want to drink anything else at all. The most important tip here though, is to ensure that the drinks are served at appropriate times, not just before dinner starts.

wedding food


The theme of your backyard wedding depends on your wedding party. Make it easy for the party by incorporating your colors (or even the wedding theme) into decorations and inflatables, which are perfect for the kids. If you’re having a kids party, you’ll need a lot of kids’ themed decorations and games. Decorations come in all shapes and sizes, and with a little DIY magic, you can transform your ordinary back yard into a fairytale world. Try incorporating nature into your decorations by adding trees, flowers and vines. Take it a step further and add birds and butterflies to it to add a sense of enchantment. Ornamentation If you have access to crafts, consider making your decoration you’ve got available to everyone involved.

The Guest List

This is a traditional source for fights and arguments. It can only intensify when it comes to a backyard wedding because the space usually has a limit. The best tip for creating a good and balanced guest list is by having guest circles. So how does that work? You simply add each guest to a circle based on his or hers characteristics. The 1st circle is obviously your immediate family. They have to be invited (or do they??). The second and third circles are designated for close friends and family. After each circle you get to a total number and you can estimate the approximate number of guests you’ll have.

The Music

Obviously, you’ve chosen to have it in your backyard so you’ve got the perfect setting for your day. Just remember to invite your DJ to perform at a minimum and to take the tunes down a notch during the ceremony to give you and your guests a moment of silence. With that said, it’s not just enough to have a background track to add some depth to your ceremony. You need a high quality, on-stage DJ that can really bring it to life. You’ll be amazed how a nice intro track will attract the attention of your guests. Keep in mind, all of these things should be pre-arranged. Your DJ should be able to tell you if your wedding is indoors, outside, indoors with a party or just a lawn area with some shrubbery for the ceremony.

Final Thoughts

Start your planning from this point and take notes as you go along. Your notes will help you! It’s important that you know what you want, but also, it’s important that you don’t get too attached to specific aspects of the wedding. If it’s something that you are adamant about or really want to do, make sure that you can justify to yourself why you want to do it. Let’s say your favorite color is blue, and you really want your wedding to be blue. You are never going to really regret your blue wedding (unless you later decide to have a black or white wedding!), but if your significant other gives you an ultimatum and tells you that it’s either blue or gray, you are going to really have to give it some serious thought and make sure that you understand their reasoning for wanting the color they want.

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