Your wedding day is now behind you, so you may be thinking all your hard work is also in the past. However, there are still a couple tasks you must complete from your special day. One of those tasks is creating the perfect wedding album to remember your wedding day forever. Your photographer probably took thousands of photographs of your special day. And while they won’t share them all with you, it is common to still have hundreds, or even a thousand, photographs to choose from for your wedding album. Thankfully, we have a few tips to share with you that will help you choose the best photos for your wedding album. 

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Photos for Your Wedding Album

1 Choose Your Absolute Favorite Pictures

Everyone seems to think they must choose certain photographs when creating their wedding album. But we say to simply start by choosing your absolute favorites. An expression on your spouse’s face or your veil blowing off in the wind are two excellent pictures you might want to see included in your wedding album. 

2 Choose the Number of Photos to Match Your Wedding Day

Some people have three-day weekend weddings, while others have a small intimate affair during an afternoon. Not every couple has the same number of photographs to choose from. Your wedding album may be smaller or larger than the albums of your friends. Basically, we recommend choosing the number of photos that showcase those special moments from your wedding day. 

3 Grab Those Big Moments of the Ceremony

The big moments of the ceremony should always be in your wedding album. Pictures capturing these moments should include the couple walking down the aisle, the kiss, and the exchange of the rings. These are all critical parts of your special day, and you will want to have photos to remind you of those moments. 


4 Choose from Color and Black and White Photos Carefully

There is something timeless about black and white wedding photos, but to truly capture the vibe of your wedding day, you may need to choose more pictures in color. There is no steadfast rule for whether you need black and white or color photographs in your wedding album. Most of the time, it is a personal preference. If you can’t decide, we recommend doing a mix of the two. 

5 Consider the Layout

The layout of your wedding album will speak volumes, so consider carefully as you are choosing pictures. Don’t be afraid to rearrange the photos in the album, as you continue to add more selections. Your photographer should also make recommendations about layout, so you have the perfect wedding album when you are finished. 

These are our best tips for choosing the best photos for your wedding album. There are a few others that your photographer can share with you after your big day. The biggest tip they will give you though is not to wait too long after your special day to choose the pictures for your wedding album. 

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