Having a good DJ at your wedding is a think that can either make or break it. We all remember the scene from “Love Actually” about the worst DJ in the world. It was funny as hell because that was a comedy but in real life there might be some tears and the last thing you want is having the bride crying and your guests frustrated. So how do you avoid all that? The following tips are mistakes that need to be avoided.

Choosing a DJ through reviews

When you are getting married and have heard all the good things about a DJ, you may go with the option that you see on a review site and ask someone in your friend’s circle. This is definitely one of the worst mistakes to make. A personal recommendation is always going to be a good one. However, a review is never enough to understand a DJ’s style. Every DJ is different and their taste is different. You need to know what you are looking for to make the right decision.

Choosing a DJ with an attitude

The absolute first thing to consider is a good attitude and understanding of what weddings and events are all about. It doesn’t matter how good the equipment or how experienced you think your DJ is if he or she is a jerk. We have all met that type before. It’s funny, because your wedding day is supposed to be your happiest and most memorable day of your life. It is the one day where you should be surrounded by people who love and support you and support that you are going to make that important decision in your life. Having a mean or disrespectful DJ will only make this day more stressful for everyone, especially the bride and groom. So the vibe you have with the DJ is far more important than the reputation he or she has. Just go with your gut feeling.

Choosing a DJ through their experience

This might seem like a great idea because you want an experienced DJ to show you what a great wedding DJ they are. But you need to be careful. You might think that because they work with the local radio station for a number of years that your DJ is experienced and therefore gets the party going…. But this is not the case. You might have heard the words “intern”, “volunteer”, “crew member”, “ad hoc”, “short term freelance” or “in-house” before but with regards to an experienced DJ you know this doesn’t mean anything. So, experience matters but it only matters when you experience it. Don’t take your potential DJ’s word for it. Go out to a party where he or she is performing and see what this experience actually means and if you can relate to it then great!

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Choosing a DJ through price

The last thing you want is to have to foot the bill for a DJ because it’s the only option available. So when you are choosing a DJ, you want to go in with an open mind. You can’t know what you like if you haven’t really explored a lot of options. Make a list of potential DJ’s that are within your price range and also expand it a little bit with some that are slightly outside your price range. remember, you can always negotiate! All vendors have official service fees but those fees aren’t set in stone. Give them an offer and see what happens. And one last thing, if you can’t find any decent DJ within your price range then seriously consider not having one then having a terrible one. You can always just create a nice playlist for your wedding, get some audio equipment and put your favorite cousin behind the mic.

Choosing a DJ through appearance

Let’s start by saying that this is wrong on some many levels we can’t even begin to explain it but we’ll try. So you have a wedding day and a reception party in mind and now you’re trying to match that event to the appearance of your potential DJ and having this as your only criteria. If this is the way you make choices there is a very good chance that you chose more meaningful participants based on appearance alone…So if you’re not filming a TV show about wedding our advice is just… don’t.

Final Words

We’ve listed 5 mistakes to avoid but there are obviously more. If your goal is to frustrate your family and alienate your friends then forget our recommendations but if you are planning to have the most wonderful day then just read and remember them.

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