Are you dreading the amount of money you think you will need to spend to keep everyone happy with their drinks from the bar? It is true that a wedding bar can be quite expensive. However, there are ways you can cut costs without making everyone pay for the drinks they want. The best part is you won’t need to sacrifice the quality of the liquor in any way. 

5 Ideas that Will Save You Money on Your Wedding Bar’s Expenses

1 Keep the Drinks at the Bar

Many couples choose to have an open bar, but they also have drinks circulating on trays to be handed out. And then of course, there is the champagne toast. You probably don’t know this, but most people do the champagne toast and then set their glass back down without even taking a sip! So, save your cash by keeping the drinks at the bar and having your guests determine what and when they want to drink. 

2 Use Simpler Glassware

Yes, weddings are mostly elegant, but that doesn’t mean you need to use the most expensive glassware available. Moscow mule mugs, goblets, and metallic tumblers can be quite expensive to rent from a vendor. If you are looking to save some money on your wedding bar, we recommend choosing basic glassware. Depending on where you are having your wedding, the venue might have some basic glassware you can use at no extra cost. 

WEDDING glassware

3 Skip the Hundreds of Options

When you walk up to a bar, you normally have hundreds of drinks to choose from. The best way to save money is to limit those options for your wedding. You can really cut costs by serving one or two types of beer, and one or two red and white wines. If you have a little more money in your wedding bar budget, feel free to add vodka and gin to your drink options. Just remember, you will need the other ingredients to make drinks with those liquors. So, if you do have vodka and gin, you may want to have specific drinks available instead of everything. 

To avoid any issues with guests, you can have a menu written out at the bar with what drinks are available. 

4 Skip the Accessories

Cocktail umbrellas and swizzle sticks always look cute in cocktail glasses. However, when you are looking to save some cash, these are the first items that should go. Your guests won’t miss these extras, especially if their drinks still taste amazing! 

cocktail glasses.

5 Purchase Your Own Alcohol

Depending on your wedding venue, and caterer, you may be able to purchase your own alcohol to serve. This can save you a lot of money, because you can purchase your own favorite cheaper options. You may even find a liquor store that will give you a better deal if you purchase a larger quantity. 

These are five ideas that will save you money on your wedding’s bar expenses. If you are lucky, you can take advantage of all five ideas for your wedding. But even one idea will have you saving some cash that you can use on something else for your wedding day. 


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