Smaller weddings can be more unforgettable than larger weddings, because they can be more personalized. Plus, since you can spend more time with each individual guest, you will feel like the day is more special. If you are thinking about planning a smaller wedding, keep these ideas in mind.


5 Ideas that Will Help You Plan a Small Wedding

Create Your Guest List Carefully

Creating a guest list for small weddings can be overwhelming, because you want to really include everyone in your special day. However, the goal of small weddings is to limit the guest list considerably. Therefore, write down close family members and friends to start. If the guest list is still too large, you will need to narrow it down even further. It will be difficult, but you must do it if you want the small wedding of your dreams.


Select a Meaningful Venue

 We all know there are thousands of wedding venues out there to choose from. However, when you are planning a small wedding, it is usually best, and easier, to choose a venue that has special meaning. Maybe you can have your wedding at the restaurant where you had your first date. Or you can celebrate where you had your first kiss or got engaged. There are probably at least a few places that are meaningful to you as a couple, so find the one that will be perfect for your wedding day.


Focus on the Smaller Details

Smaller weddings give you the time to focus on all the smaller details. You can do handwritten invitations, place cards, and thank you notes. Wedding favors can even be personalized for every guest. Handwritten notes left by every place setting can share why you are so happy they were able to attend your wedding.


There are so many small details that can be included in weddings. Choose the ones that are the most special to you and show your guests you really care about them.


Choose a Buffet

Instead of having a sit-down meal served at your wedding, choose to offer a buffet. This will allow your guests to mingle a little more, as they are getting their food. Plus, buffets offer a laidback style on your wedding day without losing the intimacy. Buffets are perfect for sharing regional and local foods, while providing some all-time favorites at the same time.

wedding buffet

Choose a Casual Theme

You can still have an elaborate wedding when you choose a casual theme. Simple flower arrangements and simple décor can be elegant, while allowing you to save money and keep things casual. You may even want to tell everyone to bring their flip flops or sneakers for a night of dancing after dinner.


These are five ideas that will help you plan a small wedding for your special day. This is the most important day in your life, and we want to make sure it is everything you have dreamed it would be. So, keep these ideas in mind as you plan your dream small wedding.

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